The Traditional Roadblocks

Most up and coming writers fail to get published simply because the process has so many roadblocks.

Traditional Publishing

This is the hardest option to take and almost always requires securing an agent to sell the book.  Most major publishing houses won’t even look at first-time authors because of their major focus is on the established, best-selling authors  Those that do make it in receive an up-front payment and back-end royalties (typically $1 a book) after the book recoups its initial costs. Most that do never see more than the initial up front payment.

Biggest Roadblock: Getting In The Door

Self-Assisted Publishing

An author has a book and seeks out the help of someone to produce and help market the final product.  The company provides a service (editing, design, manufacturing, marketing) for a fee. These fees typically run between $2,500 and $5,000 and come out of the author’s pocket.  The company helping the author also has no incentive to see the work sell.  They make money regardless of how the book does.

Biggest Roadblock: A Huge Up Front Cost

True Self-Publishing

An author has a book and takes the slow road towards self-publishing.  The author must learn how to do everything, which is often a slow and agonizing process.  Self-published books typically lack a compelling cover and have no strategy for marketing.  Most self-published authors sell no more than 100-150 books for this reason.

Biggest Roadblock: A Steep Learning Curve

At Civitas Press we help you overcome these roadblocks by partnering with you to publish your book. By investing in you right from the beginning, we take a genuine interest in the sale of the book, not just the sale of our project.

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