The Civitas Process

At Civitas Press, we believe everyone has something valuable to say.  We partner with you to help release your inspiration onto the world.  Our process is simple and effective and makes it easy for you, the writer, to overcome the most traditional roadblocks in the publishing process.  Until now, authors were left with only three traditional options.  Civitas Press is different. We eliminate the most traditional roadblocks and partner with you to help you find your voice, create a compelling presentation, and get the word out.

Find Your Voice

The first stage of development is partnering with you to find your voice. We believe every person has something valuable to say. Sometimes they just need help. We begin with a thorough review of the logical development of your idea and work with you to ensure you are presenting a thorough and well-developed concept.

A Compelling Presentation

The second stage of development is creating a compelling presentation for your book. You have as little as 8 seconds to draw your readers into the possibility of buying your book. We design a compelling cover and craft cover text that draws your readers in.

Get The Word Out

The third stage of development is getting the word out. We partner with you to leverage existing opportunities to market your book online with major retailers including Amazon and Barnes& Noble. We also help you develop an effective strategy for social media, public relations, advertising co-ops, and public speaking events.

Civitas approaches publishing as a family. We’re working to empower writers to release their unique voice into the marketplace.  We firmly believe in investing in unique and inspired projects that need to be heard.  Civitas doesn’t accept every project, but we will review any project that meets our initial submission requirements.  Response times are between 15-30 days.

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