The Civitas Network

At Civitas Press, we believe social networking is an extremely powerful form of marketing. When you become part of Civitas, you become part of a family. That is why we are working with a unique stable of writers willing to partner together, to learn together and to empower each other with learning resources, reviews, co-opportunities for marketing, and more. Each author extends the network a little bit more as the family grows.

Your Network

Most up and coming writers begin with great intentions but immediately face limitations in the reach of their immediate network for marketing their book. As writers begin to develop a platform, their reach becomes limited and so do sales. A great idea often fails to reach its intended audience.

The Civitas Network

At Civitas Press, we’re creating and developing a family of writers willing to work together to help each other grow. We’re fostering relationships and partnerships that extend each writer’s network beyond what is traditionally possible.  A great idea can often find its audience.

When you join the family, we begin with the idea that you are just as willing to help others as you are seeking help from others. This process of helping each other to be successful is what makes the family flourish.

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