The Civitas Advantage

At Civitas Press, we believe every writer should enjoy the fruits of one’s labor.  So when we partner with you on your manuscript, we don’t provide a huge up-front royalty that takes advantage of you.  What we do is partner with you by investing in the initial development of your book, and then pay you 60% of the royalty, once the book has recouped the initial investment.  Authors can often start making real money on their book by selling as little as a thousand copies, and begin surpassing the up-front royalty with as little as 1,600 copies.*

Traditional Royalties Structure

In traditional publishing the system is designed to take advantage of up and coming writers, if you can get in.   In exchange for an upfront royalty, even established writers give up to 90-95% of back-end royalty to the publisher.  If the book is a hit, the writer must sell tens of thousands of copies just to begin making real money.

Traditional Royalty To Writer: $1

Civitas Royalties Structure

At Civitas Press, we believe the writer should make the majority of the royalties from their work.  That’s just fair.  The writer does most of the work.  We partner with you to get your Big Idea off the ground, and after initial project costs are recouped, the writer makes the majority of the royalties.

Civitas Royalty To Writer: $7.64*

In some cases a writer just has to sell as little as 1,000 books to begin making as much as six times what traditional publishing routes would make, and 1,600 copies to begin surpassing traditional routes that include an upfront royalty.  With an effective marketing effort and a quality manuscript, authors can actually make real money from their books.

*Sample royalties based net returns on Civitas e-Store Sales for a 200-page book with a retail price of $19.99.