Editing & Book Design Services

You have a big idea.  But for some reason or another it’s just not right for Civitas Press, or you want to publish it on your own.  We get that.  A Big idea has value and meaning to each of us and we want to nurture it in our own way.  But you still want help in the process.  You want another set of eyes providing coaching, feedback and constructive criticism.  We get that too.  It’s always helpful to have people coach us through the process.

Occasionally we get requests from people asking if we provide services for authors who are publishing their own works.  The answer is yes.  We do provide editing, proofing, graphic design, and production services for authors.

Editing – As an author, it becomes critical to have several eyes on a project to provide constructive feedback. Civitas Press can work with you to provide editorial feedback on:

  • Concept Development: Getting to the Big Idea
  • Flow: how your Big Idea is developing
  • Logical construction: Are the pieces fitting together
  • Emotional construction: the stories that support the logical development,
  • Proofing: A thorough review of your manuscript for grammar, syntax, and punctuation

Graphic/Production Design – Once the manuscript is completed you need to produce a stunning, and visually appealing book cover.  The cover includes the front cover, back cover and spine.  Civitas Press can work with you to create a file that is not only appealing but meets the printer’s exacting specifications.

Marketing – Once a book has been released, you need to produce the tools that will help you get the word out.  This can and usually includes an updated website, press release, media kit, advertisements, social media tools, and so much more.  We can help you navigate and create effective tools for marketing your book.

If you would like to speak with someone about Services, please contact us using this simple contact form.