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Spirit-Led Parenting: From Fear to Freedom in Baby’s First Yearis a beautiful, honest book rooted in the idea that living well with children calls for faith above facts or rules.” Kate Wicker , Wife, Mom of Littles, Journalist, & Expert in Hazardous Waste Removal. Author of Weightless: Making Peace With Your Bodyand KateWicker.com
Over the years, a mainstream approach to Christian parenting has emerged, and it’s one that promotes sleep training and feeding schedules for infants, warns that spoiled children and marital discord are certain by-products of homes where newborns are over-indulged, and promotes these methods as the Biblical way to care for a new baby. Unfortunately, the message of mainstream parenting advice preys on the universal fear of new parents everywhere: the fear that if they stray from the program, their babies and their marriages will suffer.
In Spirit-Led Parenting: From Fear to Freedom in Baby’s First Year, two mothers share their stories. They tell of a journey that began in fear-soaked, tear-stained days marked by an overwhelming fear of failure that eventually found redemption in discovering the freedom to ignore the wisdom of man and follow the direction of the Spirit.

  •  This gentle path looks toward the example of God the Father, seeks after Christ’s unequivocal call to servanthood, and leans upon the wisdom of the Holy Spirit in determining and meeting the individual needs of each unique child.
  • Spirit-Led Parenting doesn’t encourage a methodology, but rather a mindset. This outlook on parenting is radically different from what has become the trend in Christian circles, and yet the authors believe that it is firmly rooted in and supported by Scripture.
  • Throughout the book, the authors show how parenting with a spirit-led approach has allowed them to become more peaceful, happy mothers, more intimately connected to their husbands, and closer and more surrendered to Christ.

Sharing from their unique experiences as well as their shared philosophy, Megan and Laura play the role of big sisters, wrapping their arms around the shoulder of the new mother trying to navigate the confusing world of life with a baby and answering those important questions:  “What if the ‘right’ way doesn’t feel ‘right’?” and “Could there be more than one way to honor God as I care for my baby?”
There is another way.  That’s what they wish they had been told as new mothers.  And it’s the message they are passionate about sharing with new parents everywhere.

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About Megan & Laura

Megan Tietz is the creator of sortacrunchy.net, a blogging community devoted to discussion and dialogue at the crossroads of the Christian faith and the practice of natural family living.  Over a decade ago, she married her college sweetheart and now they are raising two of the sweetest girls you’ve ever met. They make their home on the windy plains of western Oklahoma.
Laura Oyer met her husband, Mark, in preschool, married him sixteen years later, and now spends her days caring for their two children and pretending to keep the house clean.  Mark and Laura serve in leadership at their church in northern Indiana, and she has served as part of her city’s Community Relations Commission.  Laura blogs at InTheBackyard.net.

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