Not Alone

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You Are Not Alone!
Depression is a very real experience for many people. The causes can be varied. Abuse. Chemical imbalances. Divorce. Rejection. There is no one reason that a person might suffer depression. However, one common theme is that it can leave the person feeling isolated and alone. Because of the stigma that is often associated with depression, people often remain silent about it, never knowing that the person next to them is going through the same thing or has experienced it in the past. Instead, they hide away, believing that no one understands, believing that no one cares.
In this book, the authors break the silence, boldly sharing their stories of depression.  Whether sharing how they first discovered that what they were feeling was depression, telling how they sought help for their depression or giving words of hope that depression can be managed, the authors all tackle the lie that you must suffer in solitude. With courage and honesty, these stories give a glimpse into the depressed existence. While you will not find a cure for depression in these pages, you will find a sense of community. You will find words of hope. You will find that you are Not Alone.

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Edited by Alise Wright
List Of Contributors
Matt Cannon, Laura Droege, Anonymous, David Henson, Laura E. Crook, Jamie Habermaas, Michael Doran, Samurai, Joy Wilson, Crystal Clancy, Joy Bennett, Travis Mamone, Misty Chaffins, Katie Alicea, Brooke Higinbotham, Joanna Ross, Mary Balfoort, Robin Farr, Jake Kampe, Jody Johnson, Kristin Tennant, Christina Shumway, Jeremy Myers, Megg Joosten, Chad Jones, Joe Sewell, Jean Anderson, Kyla Cofer, Chuck Larish, Melissa Binstock, Michael D. Russo, Leigh Kramer, Jenny Susa, Melody Harrison Hanson, Allison Carroll, Jason N. Wright, and Tamara Lunardo

Book Info

Retail Price: $15.99 Softcover
ISBN: 978-0615532677
Pages: 230
Release Date: October 1, 2011
Dimensions: 5.5″x8.5″

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