Fallen Pastor

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With one in three pastors admitting to an affair, churches are now facing a problem of epidemic proportions.  Over 1,500 pastors each month leave their church  due to some kind of moral failure.  And when it happens, the effects are devastating to everyone involved.  With so many pastors experiencing the same problem, it’s time to bring the issue to light.  Is restoration even possible when someone in leadership fails?
Fallen Pastor takes an unflinching look into the problems and perils facing so many pastors.   It dives into the stories of those who have fallen and asks and answers the hard question of, “Why?” Author Ray Carroll takes a deep look into his own story of adultery and the stories of so many pastors like him, who lost so much in the wake of their decisions.  Ray identifies the common decisions and cultural issues that continuously lead to the exact same outcome, issues like isolation, the church mistress, judgmentalism, and idolatry.  Ray offers no justification for what happened, instead seeking understanding that leads to a Biblical response of restoration.
Fallen Pastor offers perspective and hope for those seeking answers and healing in the wake of these failures.  It takes a deep look at why it happens.  It also takes the next step and offers solutions to those wanting to prevent the problem from happening in the first place.  Churches could actually begin to change and even stop the problem.

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About Ray

Ray Carroll is a former Southern Baptist pastor who was removed from his church after falling from the ministry. He writes at fallenpastor.com, attempting to help other fallen pastors and churches affected by sin. He lives in Kentucky where he is married to Allison and has three daughters.

3 Responses to “Fallen Pastor”

  1. Reply americanparser says:

    Where do you get that one in three pastors is admitting to an affair? I’d like to see your source material for that.

    • Reply Ray Carroll says:

      Thanks for asking. There have been two denominational studies done. I could only get the source materials for one of them. The statement is that roughly 1/3 admitted to inappropriate sexual contact with a church member. These were all conservative ministers. The one is from the Francis Schaeffer Institute: http://www.intothyword.org/apps/articles/default.asp?articleid=36562

      The other was from a researcher named Richard Blackmon who has done a lot of work on ministry failure. His statistics are widely quoted online and fell right into line with the Schaeffer institute, but I could not find the original source material for his work. I was able to locate a LA Times article, but that was all.

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