Discovering The God Imagination

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Discovering The God Imagination: Reconstructing A Whole New Christianity offers a fresh look at the Gospel story. Deep inside we always knew it was there, that image of God drawing us in to healing, restoration, hope and even love. We wanted it to be true. We couldn’t ignore it, even though we weren’t sure it was true. Yet finding that image in Scripture is often hard. It’s easy to see God as angry and bent on catching us when we fail.
In this re-examination of the story of Christianity, author Jonathan Brink offers a compelling look into the remarkable dissonance between our historical understanding of Gospel, and what the story in Scripture actually reveals. It offers a compelling possibility for those looking to reconstruct their faith in a whole new way.
Discovering The God Imagination examines the details of the story that shapes our understanding of the Gospel, in light of our emerging understanding of cognitive development. It suggests a profoundly simple but provocative assessment of why we misunderstand God, ourselves and each other. Listening to the story once again allows us to unravel the mystery of suffering, justice, and reconciliation, and actually participate with God in our own restoration.
It suggests that at the deepest levels, life is really about wrestling with and answering a single root question, symbolized in the Tree of Knowledge? How can God love me when I’m broken?
Finally, it offers new insights that suggest the cross is God saying, “This is how far I will go to show you that you that I love you.” It suggests the Way of love espoused by Jesus is actually a return to reality, to God’s original, objective structure for what it means to be human.
Jonathan states, “I grew up with a story that just didn’t seem to reconcile. And it wasn’t until I gave myself permission to really go back to the story, to see it with fresh eyes, that a very different possibility emerged. And what I found was liberating. It gave me hope in an inclusive, grace-filled Gospel that changed everything for me.
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In Discovering the God Imagination, Brink asks the hard questions about sin and atonement with not only humility, but also with candor, honesty. forthrightness, and clarity. — Phyllis Tickle, Founding Religion Editor at Publishers Weekly
Jonathan Brink has given us a Gospel gift. In this well written and honest book he walks us back into the story of God and what we discover is both revolutionary and at the same time obvious. — Doug Pagitt, author of A Christianity Worth Believing In
Jonathan presents a new framing story with which to read God’s history with mankind. In this fresh new take, we find great comfort in the knowledge that at the heart of everything, God really does find us not only good, but very good (See Genesis 1:27-31). — Russell Hawkins, the Original Mudppy
Seldom have I found a book that I would say everyone should read. Still, Discovering the God Imagination by Jonathan Brink is just such a book. — Joe Machuta
I was sure I understood Christianity and even more sure I had no use for it. And then I read Discovering the God Imagination, by Jonathan Brink and it changed everything. I’m literally and figuratively re-opening the book on God. Yeah that book. — Cheryl Ensom Dack, Editor at Porpoise Diving Life
There are very few books that give me a different view of my faith. This one is one of them. Jonathan is able to deconstruct and reconstruct a God I can walk with, talk with, and share a faith journey. — John O’Keefe, author of Misfits, Who Are You Including
Not only does Brink present a very good, well written theological treatise, he does so while approaching the Bible as completely true (unlike even some of the traditional theologians). He knows the Bible well. And truly the arguments come from the Bible. – Josh Morgan, Clinical Psychologist

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Jonathan holds a BA in Bible from William Jessup University and an MA in Organizational Leadership from Gonzaga University.

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