Not Afraid: Stories of Finding Significance

Note: The deadline for submission has been extended to March 16th.

Summary: Not Afraid: Stories of Finding Significance is a Civitas Press community project that explores stories of people who have overcome fears and found their significance in the process.

Fear binds us up. It keeps us from fully immersing ourselves in our relationships, in our professions, in our faith and in our lives. It tells us that we are not good enough, that we will be rejected, that we will fail. When we listen to these fears, we lose our sense of our value and significance.

We are looking for real, honest stories of people who have face their fears and come through with a greater sense of their value. We encourage you to let it all out on the page, and share in detail both the external circumstances and the internal conflicts that arise because of it. When at all possible show – don’t tell. Give us the gritty details, the emotions, the conflict, how you felt, how you responded (good and bad), and what you learned, if applicable to your story. Although we rarely censor graphic content or language if it serves the story, we ask that you use discretion. We are NOT looking for self-help essays on solutions, professional opinions, or agendas.

Current Categories: The project is currently broken up into five categories. These categories may change as the project develops. We encourage you to shape your submission to fit within one of these categories.
• Fear and Your Profession – How has fear caused you to be timid in your professional life?
• Fear and Your Family – How has fear impacted your relationship with your family?
• Fear and Your Dreams – How has fear kept you from pursuing your dreams?
• Fear and Your Friends – How has fear impacted your ability to relate to those around you?
• Fear and Your Faith – How has fear impacted your view God or the church?

Submission Deadline: March 16th, 2012

Estimated Publishing Date: August 2012

Download the Project Submission Document:

Not_Afraid_Project Doc

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