Civitas Press Partners With Pam Hogeweide

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Civitas Press is pleased to announce that we are partnering with Pam Hogeweide for the release of her first book, Unladylike (working title). Unladylike is about confronting what she calls “a polite oppression” of women in the modern-day church.  Pam’s writing reaches past the polite veil of quiet disagreement of gender equality by insisting that it’s not an issue of theology, but an issue of justice.Written with the storytelling tone of memoir combined with a journalistic commitment to inform, Unladylike will provide readers a compelling narrative that will affirm or challenge their beliefs about women and the world of church.

Pam states, “For too long I have sat quietly and diplomatically about the unequal treatment of women in church. Somewhere along the way, I started believing that Jesus came to liberate us all from every kind of oppression, including Christianized sexism. Breaking rank with traditional beliefs about women hasn’t been easy for me, yet I am convinced that men and women are meant to coexist in a spirit of mutuality. It might seem unladylike, but aren’t all revolutions?

Unladylike is scheduled for release on 11.11.11. You can pre-order her book now.


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Pam Hogeweide is a writer and blogger from Portland, Oregon. She writes extensively on issues of faith, culture and Christian spirituality with a focus on gender inequity in the modern world of church.  A former contributing author for Off the Map, Pam’s writing style has been categorized by many as engaging and inspiring.

When she’s not busy with her husband and two teenagers, Pam can be found hanging out with her faith community in north Portland, The Bridge,  “one of the rowdiest churches I’ve ever been a part of,” she says.  You can

You can connect with Pam at her blog or on Facebook and Twitter. She’s not hard to spot: she’s the loud one with the pretty tattoos.

Civitas Press Partners With Ray Carroll

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Civitas Press is pleased to announce that we are partnering with Ray Carroll for the release of his first book, Fallen Pastor (working title). Fallen Pastor isn’t just about how one man fell into sin. It’s is an unflinching look into the problems and perils facing so many pastors.  With 1,500 pastors leaving the church a month due to a moral failure, it’s time someone brought the issue to light.  Ray explores the stories of so many pastors and how this hot-button issue is increasingly prevalent within a lot of churches.

Ray states, “The fallen minister is responsible for his own sin, but that sin does not occur in a vacuum. He faces a myriad of pressure from without and within. There often exists a culture within the church where the minister is placed upon a pedestal and expected to perform at a level that is unrealistic. The minister often reaches burnout and may fall while seeking comfort in the wrong places. This is a problem that has existed in our churches and in many of our ministers for a long time and can only be healed with love, forgiveness and humility.

Fallen Pastor is scheduled for release on 1.1.12. You can pre-order his book now.

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Ray Carroll is a former Southern Baptist pastor who was removed from his church after falling from the ministry. He writes at, attempting to help other fallen pastors and churches affected by sin. He lives in Kentucky where he is married to Allison and has three daughters.  Ray wrote a story for The Practice of Love under the pseudonym Arthur Dimmesdale.  You can connect with Ray on Facebook.

The Practice Of Love Writing Class

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Civitas Press is pleased to announce a writing class for those interested in developing a story for Volume 2 of The Practice of Love.This unique project has generated unique interest and so we’re creating a class to support writer’s in crafting a story.

Price: $69

This 4-week workshop led by Jonathan Brink, editor of The Practice of Love Volume 1, is designed to create a space for each participant to engage the words of Jesus in a very practical way. Over the four week experience, participants will engage the tangible practice of love in one of four categories: Loving God, Loving the Self, Loving the Neighbor, and Loving the Enemy. Participants will work through the obstacles to arise, develop an awareness of the cost and vlaue and love, and then write about their experience.

The best stories will be selected for Volume 2 of The Practice of Love, scheduled to be published June 1, 2012. The course will use The Practice of Love: Real Stories of Living Into the Kingdom of God (Civitas Press, 2011) Participants who sign up by May 1, 2011 wil receive a free copy of the book.

To register, click here. Enrollment in courses at is a two-step process. A person must first “register” in order to build an account at where he/she may then “login” to enroll and pay in a secure online environment. If someone has registered and now needs to enroll he/she may return to at anytime to do so. He/she will “login” (upper-right) using the email address and password combination created upon registering. Any problems/questions with enrollment may be directed to Lisa Buffum at

Civitas Press Provides Editorial and Graphic Design Services

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You have a big idea.  A Big idea has value and meaning to each of us and we want to nurture it in our own way.  But you still want help in the process.  You want another set of eyes providing coaching, feedback and constructive criticism.  We get that too.  It’s always helpful to have people coach us through the process.

Occasionally we get requests from people asking if we provide services for authors who are publishing their own works.  The answer is yes.  We do provide editing, proofing, graphic design, and production services for authors.

Editing – As an author, it becomes critical to have several eyes on a project to provide constructive feedback. Civitas Press can work with you to provide editorial feedback on:

  • Concept Development: Getting to the Big Idea
  • Flow: how your Big Idea is developing
  • Logical construction: Are the pieces fitting together
  • Emotional construction: the stories that support the logical development
  • Proofing: A thorough review of your manuscript for grammar, syntax, and punctuation

Graphic/Production Design – Once the manuscript is completed, you need to produce a stunning, and visually appealing book cover.  The cover includes the front cover, back cover and spine.  Civitas Press can work with you to create a file that is not only appealing but meets the printer’s exacting specifications.

Marketing – Once a book has been released, you need to produce the tools that will help you get the word out.  This can and usually includes an updated website, press release, media kit, advertisements, social media tools, and so much more.  We can help you navigate and create effective tools for marketing your book.

If you would like to speak with someone about Services, please contact us using this simple contact form.

Purchase Broken By Religion, Healed By God by Gordon Dalbey

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Best-selling author Gordon Dalbey’s new book, Broken by Religion, Healed by God:Restoring the Evangelical, Sacramental, Pentecostal, Social Justice Church is now available for purchase.

Purchase from Amazon.

Purchase the Kindle Version

Support Gordon’s ministry and purchase from Gordon’s eStore

For bookstore order’s and quantity discounts, contact Gordon directly by email.

Civitas Press Partners With Joy Wilson

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Civitas Press is pleased to announce that we are partnering with Joy Wilson for the release of her first book, Uncensored Prayer: The Spiritual Practice of Wrestling With God.  Uncensored Prayer is about the practice of discussing everything with God, risking honesty to gain intimacy with the One who loves us best.  God longs to share uncensored dialogues with everyone; no topic, language, or feeling is unholy. It’s struggling through anger, faith, pain, hope in every aspect of our lives.  Winning is not the point. Restoration of love and trust is.

Wrestling with God is not about religion.  Religion has nothing to do with this practice.  What God wants to share with each of us is a loving, trusting relationship, unhindered by traditional patterns of prayer. When we get real with God, the door opens wide enough for us to hear God’s suggestions, wisdom, and understanding.  Any time we come to God like this, it’s win/win.

Joy states, “I have wrestled with God since I was a teenager, alternating between what I thought was the “right” way to pray and just plain yelling at him.  The wrestling grew out of traumatic experiences with males who promised love but delivered wrath.  I mistakenly thought God was one of them. I believed He heard my prayers, but didn’t answer them because I was at fault.

Over time, I learned God loves me as I am, warped, wounded, and precious.  He and I laugh, cry, and occasionally scream together, wrestling in the dirt when that’s what I need, because I can’t do that with anyone else without offending them.  God is incapable of being shocked or offended by anything we throw at him.  He is truth himself, and values truth from us.”

Joy and her husband, Bud, are two life-long hippies.  They live in Bartlett, TN, with six cats, two dogs, and a timber wolf hybrid.  She is an Outlaw Preacher and an active participant in Kairos Prison Ministry.  Joy’s musical tastes include Stevie Ray Vaughn, Joni Mitchell, old scratchy-record blues, and the great classical sacred choral works.  You can usually find her at home writing in long-hand, or intently reading history and mystery books.  Joy has contributed to Not Alone (Civitas, 2011).

You can Join Joy’s Mailing list to receive updates on her book and speaking opportunities.

Pre-Order The Practice of Love: Real Stories of Living Into the Kingdom of God

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The Practice of Love: Living Into the Kingdom of God is now on PreSale.  Get your copy today.

Multiple Quantities


Civitas Press Partners With Jennifer Luitwieler

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Civitas Press is pleased to announce that we are partnering with Jennifer Luitwieler for the release of her first book, Run With Me: An Accidental Runner and the Power of the Poo (working title). Run With Me is about finding the unapologetic courage to confront who we are as humans. As women. As men. As parents. As spouses. As divorcees. As managers and employees. As people. And who we are, as a whole, are people created by a loving God to do good things. We are strong, capable, confident, intelligent, creative and amazing. Discovering the courage is the first step towards realizing the life we’re all seeking.

Jennifer states, “I did not set out to become a runner. I didn’t set out to become anything. I began running to house train a dog I don’t even like. The dog isn’t trained, but I am. For a while, I ran AWAY; away from dog poo, from lack of purpose, from mourning a life I wanted but didn’t try very hard to create. And then the shift came and I ran toward. Toward all the things that I had valued in my life but had overlooked. I wanted a career as a writer. I wanted to say yes every day to my husband. I wanted to be an alert and present mother. I wanted a rich experience with God. And so I ran toward those things.

My story, like everyone’s, is a series of missteps and divinely inspired decisions. We stumble our way through, seeking meaning and connections. Running as an activity gave me a sense of purpose. But more, it was a vehicle for recovering and discovering. Running gave me permission to seek, space to listen, and an open heart to hear.”

Jennifer is an award winning author, speaker and chooses to run with her dog. She is the wife of one hooligan, and mother of three school aged ruffians. She shares a house with two cats and The Dog.  She lives in Tulsa, but left her heart in Pittsburgh, PA.  Her love for sports, especially the Steelers, knows no bounds. She has contributed to various regional publications and has contributed to The Practice Of Love (Civitas, 2011).

Civitas Press Is On Facebook

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Civitas Press is now on Facebook.  Please join us by click here to like our page.

Civitas Press Partners With Best-Selling Author Gordon Dalbey

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Civitas Press is pleased to announce a partnership with Best-selling author Gordon Dalbey to release Broken By Religion, Healed By God: Restoring the Evangelical, Sacramental, Pentecostal, Social Justice Church (Civitas Press, 2011).The book is scheduled for publication in late March.

Gordon is the best-selling author of the groundbreaking book, Healing the Masculine Soul:God’s Restoration of Men to Real Manhood (Thomas Nelson, 2003, 2nd Edition), widely considered one of the most significant works in spiritual formation for men.  He is also the author of No Small Snakes: A Journey into Spiritual Warfare (Thomas Nelson, 2008), Sons of the Father (Tyndale House), and Fight Like A Man: Redeeming Manhood for Kingdom Warfare (Tyndale House, 1996).

Gordon is a popular speaker at conferences and retreats, and on radio and TV shows, Gordon has ministered throughout the US and around the world in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, France, Switzerland, Hong Kong and South Africa. A former news reporter (Charlotte, NC), Peace Corps Volunteer (Nigeria), high school teacher (San Francisco, Chicago), and pastor (Los Angeles), he holds an M.Div. from Harvard, an M.A. in journalism from Stanford, and a B.A. in mathematics from Duke.

Jonathan Brink, Civitas Press Senior Editor said, “We consider this a huge opportunity for Civitas.  Gordon is a well established author.  A partnership with him showcases that a non-traditional publishing model can thrive in today’s market, even for best-selling authors.”