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San Jose, CA, April 3, 2011 – Shane Crash has crafted a post-modern tale of depression, loss and redemptive love. Forest Life is the author’s semi-autobiographical tale of learning to overcome the terrible tragedy of the loss of a soul mate.

This fictional account follows Emmett Thompson as he retreats to seclusion in the woods of Paris, Tennessee. After suffering the loss of a loved one, Emmett struggles to sustain the will to live. He must confront his suffering and overcome it, before it permanently destroys him.

Shane’s work has already been compared to William P. Young’s The Shack for it’s willingness to take on the deeper and often darker aspects of our relationship to life, God, and what it means to make it through suffering.

Shane says this about the book, “Forest Life is a book about enduring in the face of suffering. The story deals with the issue of mortality and the inevitable loss of love in life. It features a character who struggles to grapple with the questions that accompany death. It’s a very personal story that deals with very personal issues like suicide, alcoholism and disillusionment with humanity. The book sweeps from failure to triumph in the midst of darkness and despair.”

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Forest Life is available online at, B& and in bookstores.

About the Author

Shane Crash is an American author and activist. He’s published several zines centered on alleviating poverty and homelessness. In 2009 he co-authored a collection of satire and poetry in the short zine, Lost Thoughts. And in 2010 he released Travel Logs, a short chronicle of his travels across the globe.

He’s a student of cosmology and physics. From the age of 21 to 23, Shane traveled the world, voluntarily homeless, living out of a backpack, traveling from city to city.  Shane has partnered with the Catholic Worker House to care for single mothers fleeing abuse. He’s also partnered with the Catholic Workers to tutor immigrants, teaching English and American history.

Shane often speaks on nonviolence and social responsibility. He runs Pacifist Army, a volunteer group of nonviolent activists who raise awareness on various social issues, including nonviolence and poverty.

Shane passionately advocates for education and nonviolent alternatives to war. He’s a fan of marvel comics and pizza.


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