New Community Project: Soul Bare

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Civitas Press is pleased to announce a new community project called, Soul Bare: Reflections on Becoming Human.  This community project will be a collection of stories that explore people’s experiences with facing their fears and discovering the hidden human being underneath.

Cara Sexton explains: “Standing emotionally naked before God and others, facing our fears and removing the masks of false self can be an intimidating but richly prolific experience.  I developed this project to explore both the journey into authenticity and the destination of greater love and understanding. It is a progression of salvaging our own broken pieces, telling our story, and gaining a deeper understanding of one another and of God’s beautiful purpose for us as we seek to develop who we have been into who we are becoming. Soul Bare journeys into to the depths of human experience, exploring the redemptive purpose of authentic, soul-bare expression.

We are looking for real, honest stories of people wrestling with what it means to take off the mask and discover the real human being inside. We encourage you to let it all out on the page, and share in detail both the external circumstances and the internal conflicts that arise because of it.  When at all possible show – don’t tell.  Give us the gritty details, the emotions, the conflict, how you felt, how you responded (good and bad), and what you learned, if applicable to your story. Although we rarely censor graphic content or language if it serves the story, we ask that you use discretion. Please make sure that in telling your story, you do not condemn those who are finding church on a different path. We are NOT looking for self-help essays on solutions, professional opinions, theological argumentation, or personal agendas.

Jonathan Brink, publisher at Civitas Press, had this to say about the project. “Cara approached me with a genuine idea that embraces the spirit of inspiration we’re always looking for in a great project.  Soul Bare is meant to invite people to discover who we are underneath all the pretense and social constructs.  I’m really looking forward to this one.

About the Author: Cara Sexton is passionate about artistic expression and its relation to living out authenticity in the Christian faith. She is a wife and mama/foster mom who lives in beautiful Southern Oregon and spends her days chasing children, drinking coffee, scribbling words, kissing freckles, laughing, and staring across oceans of evergreens alongside her husband (and vicious Scrabble opponent), Ryan. She pairs fine wine with fast-food french fries and cannot be trusted with chocolate…or lipstick. Cara is a regular contributor for, and her work is featured in many online communities including DaySpring’s {in}courage, the MOB Society, and the High Calling. She is also a contributing author for two current Civitas Press titles: What a Woman is Worth and Finding Church. Cara blogs at, where she writes raw about life, authenticity, chaos, love, faith, art, family, pain, and the beautiful mystery of grace.

Submission Deadline: November 1, 2012

Estimated Publishing Date: February 1, 2013

For project submission information, authors can go here.

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