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San Jose, CA, April 3, 2011 – Christian authors Megan Tietz and Laura Oyer have crafted a redemptive, freedom based approach to parenting a new born, which they share in Spirit-Led Parenting, From Fear To Freedom In Baby’s First Year.

After reading all the spiritual parenting manuals that offered specific ways of parenting a child, Tietz and Oyer found themselves failing miserably because their child just wouldn’t fit inside the traditional box.  Both needed and found the freedom to step outside of the traditional approach and following the leading of the Spirit.

This new approach, called Spirit-Led Parenting places an emphasis on stepping into faith with God in order to discover what works for each parent and child.  It allows parents to find ways that work for their child in a powerful way.

Spirit-Led Parenting shares the long, and often troubling journey it took to get to freedom, on the authors call redemptive.  Megan states, “Regret, disappointment, and frustration mark our earliest days of mothering. More than anything, we were terrified that we were failing – failing our children, our husbands, and our God. The more we resisted the movement of the Spirit within and chose instead to cling to the pages of the parenting books, the more miserable we became. God rescued us from our fear-induced misery and put our feet on the path to freedom. Our heart for new parents is that they may know the growth, peace, and joy that comes from parenting under the leadership of His Spirit.”

Laura states, “Spirit-Led Parenting is, at its core, a redemption story. What began as two friends finding strength and solace in their similar parenting journeys became a God-driven passion to share with new parents and parents-to-be the real and unvarnished stories of where we began and how God turned it all around.  We want to tell them what we wish someone had told us when we became mothers, and open the door to a perspective that has made all the difference in our lives as mothers and as followers of Christ.  We wrote this book as an invitation to parents everywhere to let loose of fear and step into freedom.”

Spirit-Led Parenting is available online at, B& and in bookstores.

About the Authors

MEGAN TIETZ is the creator of, a blogging community devoted to discussion and dialogue at the crossroads of the Christian faith and the practice of natural family living.  Over a decade ago, she married her college sweetheart and now they are raising two of the sweetest girls you’ve ever met. They make their home on the windy plains of western Oklahoma.

LAURA OYER met her husband, Mark, in preschool, married him sixteen years later, and now spends her days caring for their two children and pretending to keep the house clean.  Mark and Laura serve in leadership at their church in northern Indiana, and she has served as part of her city’s Community Relations Commission.  Laura blogs at


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