Civitas Press Partners With Robb Ryerse

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Civitas Press is pleased to announce that we are partnering with Robb Ryerse for the release of his book, Butterfly Theology (working title). Butterfly Theology tells the story of Robb’s theological transformation. Drawing from scenes throughout his life, Robb describes both the moments that shook the fundamentalism with which he was raised and the ways in which his faith has re-emerged more vibrant and alive than ever before.

Robb states, “I wrote Butterfly Theology because I don’t think I’m the only pastor who has preached sermons I wasn’t sure I believed. I don’t think I’m the only believer who had a crisis of faith over the certitude of fundamentalism. I don’t think I’m the only Christian who has tried to re-imagine our faith in an emerging culture. Butterfly Theology is the story of how my beliefs about God, life, and church have changed. My hope is that it will be an encouragement and help to those who are going through a similar metamorphosis.”

Jonathan, Publisher for Civitas says, “We’re very excited to partner with Robb. Butterfly Theology is the type of book that we’re always looking for, one that shows someone wrestling with theological foundations, and the subsequent journey that follows.  This was an easy choice for us to make.  Robb has a great story and one that will resonate with so many people.”

Butterfly Theology is scheduled for release on September, 2012. You can follow Robb for updates on the book on Facebook, on Twitter or on the Civitas Press Facebok Page.

About Robb: After pastoring fundamentalist churches for a decade, Robb Ryerse founded Vintage Fellowship, an emerging church in Fayetteville AR, where he serves as Narrator and Directional Leader. Robb journeys through life with Vanessa, his wife of fifteen years and their three children: Matilyn, Calvin, and Charleigh. He is a graduate of Biblical Theological Seminary in Hatfield PA and Baptist Bible College in Clarks Summit PA. Because he grew up in the Cleveland suburbs, Robb is ridiculously passionate about the Cleveland Browns. Robb blogs at The Grenzian.

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  1. Reply Joy Wilson says:

    Welcome to the Civitas family, Robb. This is a wonderful publishing firm, Jonathan is incredible, and you’re in a great tribe of authors. Glad to have you with us!

  2. Reply Donna Kriss says:

    The only Pastor my kids ever loved and trusted. He is the Real Deal.

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