Civitas Press Partners With Shane Crash

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Civitas Press is pleased to announce that we are partnering with Shane Crash for the release of our first fiction book, Forest Life (working title).  Forest Life is a powerful narrative of one man’s struggle to sustain the will to live. The story follows a young man, recently widowed, who has retreated to the woods of Paris, Tennessee where he intends to examine the purpose of existence. It is a stark look at what it means to face the agony of death and the seeming futility of living without love. This is the opportunity to follow a ruined man on his journey to find reason and meaning in a world gone wrong.

Shane states, “Forest Life forces the reader to realize the necessity of purpose. I was forced in my own despair to look at the strangeness of existence and this book forces the reader to do likewise. Drawing from my own experience with death, this story showcases the way in which life strips away a person’s distractions, leaving them defenseless against life’s imponderable questions. This story impresses a message of hope and redemption even amongst life’s darkest moments.”

Jonathan, Publisher for Civitas says, “We’re very excited to partner with Shane.  This is our first jump into fiction and Shane immediately caught our attention.  His writing is exceptional and his story was deeply fascinating.  Readers will be captured by his style of storytelling.  It is fresh and remarkably imaginative.”

Forest Life is scheduled for release on June, 2012. You can follow Shane for updates on the book on Facebook, or on the Civitas Press Facebok Page.

About Shane: Shane Crash is an advocate for the homeless who has published several zines centered around social justice. After the experience of love leaving crippled Shane, he sold all of his worldly possessions, grabbed his backpack and hit the road.  His travels over the next two years took him through every major city in the United States and to other parts of the globe. In the dark of life’s despair, Shane Crash discovered a diamond, a perfect love that he is compelled to share with others through writing. Shane is a fan of marvel comics and lives in the pacific northwest with his wife.  Shane blogs at

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