Provoketive Magazine Is Looking For Writers

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Civitas Press is starting an online magazine called Provoketive. The following is from the site. Sign up today!

About Provoketive Magazine: In a world saturated with people shouting at each other, it’s rare to find a place where people can engage in conversation with each other.  Provoketive Magazine hopes to change that.  We’re creating a space of rich conversation about life, faith, justice and culture without judgment.  Our desire is to provoke the reader’s imagination through conversation and open up spaces of dialogue, learning, and hope.

Current Categories:

  • Life: Business, Family, Growth, Humorous, Health, Sports, Technology, and World
  • Faith: Spirituality, Theology, Interfaith Dialogue, Spiritual Practices, and Questions
  • Justice: Social Justice, Gender Equality, Politics and Economics
  • Culture: Movies, Books, Music, Art, Poetry and Interviews

If you are a writer and want to participate with us in creating this rich space of conversation, we invite you to sign up today.

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