New Community Project: Not Afraid: Stories of Find Significance

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Civitas Press is pleased to announce the next community project called, Not Afraid: Stories of Find Significance.  Not Afraid explores stories of people who have overcome fears and found their significance in the process. Alise Wright, editor for the Not Alone will be leading the project.

Alise says, “In the past two years, I’ve faced a number of fears. As I have looked at these fears in the eye, what I have found is that I must also look at my own self-worth. By facing and overcoming various fears in my life, I have found a renewed sense of significance. My hope is that through this project, people will come see how by beating their fears, they can discover just how valuable they are.

We are looking for real, honest stories of people who have face their fears and come through with a greater sense of their value. We encourage you to let it all out on the page, and share in detail both the external circumstances and the internal conflicts that arise because of it. When at all possible show – don’t tell. Give us the gritty details, the emotions, the conflict, how you felt, how you responded (good and bad), and what you learned, if applicable to your story. Although we rarely censor graphic content or language if it serves the story, we ask that you use discretion. We are NOT looking for self-help essays on solutions, professional opinions, or agendas.

Jonathan Brink, publisher at Civitas Press says this about the project, “Alise approached us wanting to do a second project, and almost instantly I knew it was a great fit.  Not Afraid is a project aimed at sharing inspiring stories, which is really what we are about as a publishing company. With the success of Not Alone, I knew it was in good hands.

Initial Submissions are due: January 31, 2012.  Publication is targeted for August, 2012.

For project submission information, authors can go here.

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  1. Reply Beth Ellen says:

    I knew as long repressed memories of a painful childhood trauma surfaced while reading Not Alone: Stories of Living with Depression, that if I could get through dealing with this that I had a story to write for Not Afraid.

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