The Practice of Love Workshop

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Civitas Press is pleased to announce a workshop on The Practice of Love. This 4-week workshop led by Jonathan Brink, editor of The Practice of Love Volume 1, is designed to create a space for each participant to engage the words of Jesus in a very practical way. Over the four week experience, participants will engage the tangible practice of love in one of four categories: Loving God, Loving the Self, Loving the Neighbor, and Loving the Enemy. Participants will work through the obstacles to arise, develop an awareness of the cost and value of love, and then write about their experience.

Price: $69

Date: August 4-26, 2011

The best stories will be selected for Volume 2 of The Practice of Love, scheduled to be published June 1, 2012. The course will use The Practice of Love: Real Stories of Living Into the Kingdom of God (Civitas Press, 2011)

To register, click here. Enrollment in courses at is a two-step process. A person must first “register” in order to build an account at where he/she may then “login” to enroll and pay in a secure online environment. If someone has registered and now needs to enroll he/she may return to at anytime to do so. He/she will “login” (upper-right) using the email address and password combination created upon registering. Any problems/questions with enrollment may be directed to Lisa Buffum at

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