Second Call For Submission: Not Alone Project

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We wanted to let everyone know that the Not Alone Community Project is really coming together. We’ve received over 30 submissions and are looking for more. We extending the deadline to June 30, 2011.  If you’d like to participate, please download the project do here.

SummaryNot Alone – Stories Of Living With Depression is a Civitas Press community project that explores stories of people who have or are currently experiencing depression. By collecting and sharing these stories, the project will communicate that depression is very real and that people are not alone in their experience. The purpose is first to communicate a sense of reality about the problem, and develop an awareness of people’s experiences. While we welcome you to share what has helped you in dealing with depression, we want to avoid making “should” statements regarding how others deal with their depression.

Current Authors Contributing Content: Alise Wright (Narrator), Misty Chaffins, Chuck Larish, Katie McNemar, Megg Joosten, Jamie, Joanna Ross, Chad Jones, Julia Dixon, Samurai, Laura Crook, Joy Bennett, Tamara Lunardo, Crystal Clancy, Laura Droege, Michael Doran, Matt Cannon, Travis Mamone, Allison Carroll, Joy Bennett, Jake Kampe, Jeremy Meyers, Joe Sewell, Christina Shumway, Jean Anderson, Kyla Cofer, Melissa Binstock, Michael Russo, Leigh Kramer, Melody H. Hanson & Jenny Susa.

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