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Pastor And Author Addresses The Hard Issues In Creating Missional Church Community.

Folsom, CA, June 1, 2011 – At a time when people are leaving the glitz and the glam style church in droves, pastor and author Kathy Escobar is calling Christ followers to make deep changes in the way we operate.

In Down We Go: Living Into the Wild Ways of Jesus Kathy offers a profound call to leaders, missional practitioners, and ordinary people to fundamentally address the way we tangibly live out our faith. Down We Go is a practitioner’s guide for creating and cultivating missional community in the contexts we find ourselves in. It’s based on the idea of living into the Beatitudes, and explores what it means to follow Jesus into the hard places of suffering, inequality, and injustice in order to cultivate, hope, beauty, justice, equality, generosity and healing. Kathy pulls very few punches and asks some of the harder questions that need to be asked in the church.

Down We Go doesn’t just ask questions. It proposes real solutions for change. Kathy is not just shouting from the cheap seats. She’s offering a perspective that comes from working in the trenches over a long period of time in her community, the Refuge. She is someone who is living it out in day-to-day practice.

Kathy states, “The dream of living out the upside-down ways of Jesus is in our hearts, but many don’t know how to make “what could be” really be. We need practical, tangible ideas to make dreams reality. We need to hear how it can work, from people on the margins and practitioners living in the trenches. We need real stories of practice that will fan our hopes and dreams for justice, mercy, equality, and healing in the kingdom of God into flame. Down We Go fleshes out practicing the ways of Jesus in action, personally and through life in community.”

In Down We Go, Kathy calls us to a life of downward mobility, which is not about financial resources but a matter of the heart. She challenges us to lose our lives instead of protect them, intersect with pain instead of numb ourselves to it, enter into relationship with people different from us instead of stay comfortably separated, learn instead of teach, and practice love instead of theorize about it. She offers eight core practices to live this out: extending love, mercy, and compassion; welcoming pain; honoring doubt; diffusing power; practicing equality; pursuing justice; expressing creativity; and celebrating freedom.

Down We Go is available online in print and Kindle at, B& and in bookstores.

About Kathy Escobar

KATHY ESCOBAR co-pastors the Refuge, an eclectic faith community in North Denver dedicated to those on the margins of life and faith. She journeys with people in hard places as a spiritual director, teacher, and group facilitator. She blogs at


For interviews, please contact Kathy Escobar, Author of Down We Go: Living Into the Wild Ways of Jesus at or 720.270.1298.

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What People Are Saying

Page after page in Down We Go, I feel the crazy sanity of the kingdom of God seeping back into me. – Brian D. McLaren, Author of Naked Spirituality and A New Kind of Christianity

“Those desiring something beyond ‘comfy church’ will find inspiration in Kathy’s downwardly mobile journey that puts human skin on Jesus’ radically inclusive parables.” – Becky Garrison, Author of Jesus Died for This?

“In Down We Go, Kathy Escobar leads us on a guided tour of the wild ways of Jesus.” – Jim Henderson, D. Min, Author of Jim and Casper Go To Church and The Resignation of Eve

“In Down We Go, Kathy Escobar takes us down into the trenches where ordinary hurting people live and where we, too, need to live out our faith.” – Christine Sine, Author and Executive Director of Mustard Seed Associates

“Kathy Escobar shares her story and shows us how to live into the way of Jesus in the midst of our swirling, confusing communities that tell us everyday that ‘bigger is better’ and more is better than less.” – Steve Knight, Community Architect for TransFORM

“This is a must-read for anyone considering the notion of planting a church and anyone currently taking on a leadership role in an existing community of Jesus.” – John Martinez, Co-Pastor of The Distillery Church, Albany, NY

“This is a disturbing (in a good way), vulnerable, gritty field guide to places and people that many of us have avoided in our quest for happiness and security. It’s an eye-opening glimpse into what the downward journey looks like at a place called The Refuge.” – Randy Siever, Executive Director of Doable Evangelism

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