The Practice Of Love Press Release

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New Non-Fiction Book On Practicing The Command To Love.

Christ followers take up the words of Jesus and end up transforming relationships.

Folsom, CA., May 1, 2010 – The Practice of Love: Real Stories of Living into the Kingdom of God is a collection of stories that explore a remarkably simple idea. What would it look like to practice love? Published by Civitas Press, this non-fiction work asks, What would happen if we actively chose to engage a deep sense of love even in hard places?

The possibilities include a love for God, a love for the self, a love for a neighbor, and even a love for an enemy. What emerges will inspire and challenge the reader to reconsider what it means to live out the practice of love in our daily lives. At a critical time, when people are longing for something deeper than traditional religion, the practice of love offers readers an opportunity to explore a deeper element of faith, one that moves the individual beyond a safe and comfortable zone known as “the box”, and into something alive and real.

Jonathan Brink, editor for the project states, “It’s interesting what happens when we move beyond the question of belief, and actually begin to practice love in a tangible way.  What consistently stood out was the deeper experience of what it meant to be human, when people chose to embrace a sense of courage to love when it felt virtually impossible.  People found that love was restorative in ways they had never seen before.”

The project includes stories from several acclaimed speakers and authors including Carol Howard Merrit, Jamie Arpin-Ricci, and Kathy Escobar.  It also includes a foreword from highly respected missional practitioner, David Fitch, author of The Great Giveaway and the recently released, The End of Evangelicalism?. It was edited by Civitas Press Senior Editor, Jonathan Brink, author of Discovering the God Imagination.

About Civitas Press
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