Civitas Press Partners With Pam Hogeweide

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Civitas Press is pleased to announce that we are partnering with Pam Hogeweide for the release of her first book, Unladylike (working title). Unladylike is about confronting what she calls “a polite oppression” of women in the modern-day church.  Pam’s writing reaches past the polite veil of quiet disagreement of gender equality by insisting that it’s not an issue of theology, but an issue of justice.Written with the storytelling tone of memoir combined with a journalistic commitment to inform, Unladylike will provide readers a compelling narrative that will affirm or challenge their beliefs about women and the world of church.

Pam states, “For too long I have sat quietly and diplomatically about the unequal treatment of women in church. Somewhere along the way, I started believing that Jesus came to liberate us all from every kind of oppression, including Christianized sexism. Breaking rank with traditional beliefs about women hasn’t been easy for me, yet I am convinced that men and women are meant to coexist in a spirit of mutuality. It might seem unladylike, but aren’t all revolutions?

Unladylike is scheduled for release on 11.11.11. You can pre-order her book now.


Multiple Quantities

Pam Hogeweide is a writer and blogger from Portland, Oregon. She writes extensively on issues of faith, culture and Christian spirituality with a focus on gender inequity in the modern world of church.  A former contributing author for Off the Map, Pam’s writing style has been categorized by many as engaging and inspiring.

When she’s not busy with her husband and two teenagers, Pam can be found hanging out with her faith community in north Portland, The Bridge,  “one of the rowdiest churches I’ve ever been a part of,” she says.  You can

You can connect with Pam at her blog or on Facebook and Twitter. She’s not hard to spot: she’s the loud one with the pretty tattoos.

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  1. Reply banned questions about the Bible « the carnival in my head. says:

    […] awesome friend & blogger pam hogeweide is writing a new book for civitas called unladylike, which confronts what she calls the “polite oppression of women in the church.”  […]

  2. Reply Stacy says:

    SO so proud of you, Pam! Honored to call you friend, and pleased with Civitas for recognizing gold when they see it! :)

  3. Reply Doreen says:

    Happy, happy, joy, joy! So happy for you, Pam. This is great news for the reading public. Let the truth be told!

  4. Reply TheOOZE beta | evolving spirituality. » The God-Hearted Sexist (by Pam Hogeweide) says:

    […] has written extensively on the issue of gender inequity in modern day Christianity. Her first book, Unladylike, which uncovers the polite oppression of women in church, is being released by Civitas Press in […]

  5. Reply Pam Hogeweide says:

    Book is bumped up for a February release. It’s almost done, but just need a bit more time!

  6. Reply Mabel says:

    Hi Pam, someone posted your article The God-Hearted Sexist on facebook and I L-O-V-E IT!!!!!
    Then I hit the link to this page and was so pleasantly surprised that I am seeing a familiar face: we met and briefly chatted at the CBE Conference in Seattle. You have been in Hong Kong and I was born and raised in Hong Kong. Glad to see that you are fighting for women’s equality. A few people and myself are starting a CBE Houston Chapter. We will have a one day (one day + one evening actually) conference next April.
    Would you like to come join us? We are calling for women to submit their personal stories and will select a few to read at the conference. Would you like to submit yours? 500 words long.

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