Civitas Press Partners With Ray Carroll

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Civitas Press is pleased to announce that we are partnering with Ray Carroll for the release of his first book, Fallen Pastor (working title). Fallen Pastor isn’t just about how one man fell into sin. It’s is an unflinching look into the problems and perils facing so many pastors.  With 1,500 pastors leaving the church a month due to a moral failure, it’s time someone brought the issue to light.  Ray explores the stories of so many pastors and how this hot-button issue is increasingly prevalent within a lot of churches.

Ray states, “The fallen minister is responsible for his own sin, but that sin does not occur in a vacuum. He faces a myriad of pressure from without and within. There often exists a culture within the church where the minister is placed upon a pedestal and expected to perform at a level that is unrealistic. The minister often reaches burnout and may fall while seeking comfort in the wrong places. This is a problem that has existed in our churches and in many of our ministers for a long time and can only be healed with love, forgiveness and humility.

Fallen Pastor is scheduled for release on 1.1.12. You can pre-order his book now.

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Ray Carroll is a former Southern Baptist pastor who was removed from his church after falling from the ministry. He writes at, attempting to help other fallen pastors and churches affected by sin. He lives in Kentucky where he is married to Allison and has three daughters.  Ray wrote a story for The Practice of Love under the pseudonym Arthur Dimmesdale.  You can connect with Ray on Facebook.

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  2. Reply Chris Sanchez says:

    Having followed Ray’s blog for quite some time, I am pleased to hear that a book is in the works. This is an issue that we Southern Baptist don’t talk about much but that needs to change. Perhaps Ray’s book will be a catalyst for that discussion.

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