Civitas Press Partners With Jennifer Luitwieler

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Civitas Press is pleased to announce that we are partnering with Jennifer Luitwieler for the release of her first book, Run With Me: An Accidental Runner and the Power of the Poo (working title). Run With Me is about finding the unapologetic courage to confront who we are as humans. As women. As men. As parents. As spouses. As divorcees. As managers and employees. As people. And who we are, as a whole, are people created by a loving God to do good things. We are strong, capable, confident, intelligent, creative and amazing. Discovering the courage is the first step towards realizing the life we’re all seeking.

Jennifer states, “I did not set out to become a runner. I didn’t set out to become anything. I began running to house train a dog I don’t even like. The dog isn’t trained, but I am. For a while, I ran AWAY; away from dog poo, from lack of purpose, from mourning a life I wanted but didn’t try very hard to create. And then the shift came and I ran toward. Toward all the things that I had valued in my life but had overlooked. I wanted a career as a writer. I wanted to say yes every day to my husband. I wanted to be an alert and present mother. I wanted a rich experience with God. And so I ran toward those things.

My story, like everyone’s, is a series of missteps and divinely inspired decisions. We stumble our way through, seeking meaning and connections. Running as an activity gave me a sense of purpose. But more, it was a vehicle for recovering and discovering. Running gave me permission to seek, space to listen, and an open heart to hear.”

Jennifer is an award winning author, speaker and chooses to run with her dog. She is the wife of one hooligan, and mother of three school aged ruffians. She shares a house with two cats and The Dog.  She lives in Tulsa, but left her heart in Pittsburgh, PA.  Her love for sports, especially the Steelers, knows no bounds. She has contributed to various regional publications and has contributed to The Practice Of Love (Civitas, 2011).

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