The Practice Of Love Update

Posted in: Community Projects- Dec 16, 2010 5 Comments

The Practice Of Love community project is wrapping up much quicker than we ever imagined.  Some absolutely fabulous voices are turning in some really great stories on what it means to practice love.  We’re still looking for submissions in the category of Loving Your Enemy, if you are interested.  The submission deadline is now January 15th for new contributions.  We are wrapping the project after that.

The list of participants includes a fabulous of voices and styles: Mihee Kim-Kort, Phil Shepherd, Alise Wright, Jason Coker, Kathy Escobar, Idelette McVicker, Rhonda delaMoriniere, Arthur Dimesdale, Todd Hiestand, Trevar Simmons, Marian Struble, Annie Bullock, John Martinez, Cheryl Dack, Amy Moffitt, Neil Christopher, David Litwin, Neal Hager, Lori Wilson, Kara Maddox, Kris Socall, Jon Holmes, Hugh Hollowell, Brian Merritt, Carol Howard Merritt, Alan Knox, Zihna Gordon, Raelene Roth, and Kimberly Knight.

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  1. Reply Beth says:

    Are you taking submissions in other categories or just ‘Loving the Enemy’?

  2. Reply ron cole says:

    Hey Jonathon…where have I been bro’. Thanks for the heads up about this. It looks like an exciting collaborative project. It’s too bad I never caught drift of this sooner…I might have shared something.

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